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I'm thinking about getting a gun for protection... what type of gun should I get. Like what type of pistol/handgun...

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forget a pistol buy a

forget a pistol buy a shotgun let the guy breaking into your house know you mean business. I have a m590a1 for HD!

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long but it works

well honestly it all depends on the type of defene you need, concealment for out and about or a home security weapon. for someone how grew up with a gun in there hand the shotgun might work, but if your in a situation where you got to use a gun against an intruder, chances are the average joe aint going to be calm and collected like a bruce willis character. so fumbling with a large weapon is not they way to go. for home protection, you would need something with stopping power but not to much power where if you shoot the guy it will go thru him in your wall and burst a pipe (trust me it happen to my uncle) but a good handgun for this situation would be a sig p220 comes in 9mm and .45 ACP for which ever you decide one and which ever feels best in your hand. or you could go with the ever so popular glock. now there are alot of models to choice from but they are all pretty light compared to similar size handguns, but the 17 seems to be popular as well as the glock 31, which i believe is use by some cops

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