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I recently bought a 16 bore J. Nowotny self-cocking, self-ejecting hammer shotgun, at Holt's Auctioneers in London. The barrels have 'F.W. Vandrey & Co, Hamburg' inscribed on them.

It is a beautiful gun, and I have had it completely restored, and use it regularly.

I am very keen to find out as much as I can about the manufacturer, and who 'F.W. Vandrey' is. I have found a few traces on the internet that Nowotny was considered the finest Central European gunsmith in the ninetenth century, but little else.

I would be interested to get an idea of the date that it was made and anything else anyone knows about this company.

I can be emailed on [email protected] if anyone has any information for me - I am unlikely to see any posts on this site, however.

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I was at the Holts auction and was bidding against YOU. Congratulation to this beutiful Hammergun!
I'm from Germany near Hamburg I'm a gun dealer and regulary at the Holts auctions... I know lttle about Nowotny and about Vandrey because I am collecting Nowotny too and my gun dealer education was in Hamburg in a competitiv shop to world wellknown Vandrey.

Send me pictures of the selfcocking self safety Hammer Ejector Gun after the restauration work... At the auction the closing was little bit haevy but I expected that this was caused by a little bit not 100% fitting foreend... and with less working hours this gun would be graet but at the end 5.000 BP was to much for me!

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i also have a hammer gun Nowotny i am from America this gun was left to me by my grandfather if any one could tell me more about it i would love to know i dont want to sale it but would like to know what it is worth, it is in almost ment condition, has gold engravings, the barrel has engravings going all the way down and has silver on it to, i would appreciate any help yall could give me thank you

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my email is

my email is [email protected] for the letter above

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Shpira lovac

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I own a hunting rifle J Nowotny Prague. Baskul of rifle is rich engraved arabesques, and all other metal parts. The gun has ejectors. The rifle is the call: 12x70, it is the hunting state. I would like to know the year and place of manufacture, the value at the time of its production, which is a trigger system, how it is choke-bored, the kind of pipe material, from which timber the gun stock and te under gun stock are made the and some general information about the gun. I photographed the gun and some of its parts, so if there is someone who can give some information I can send the photos by email.

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Saint J.M. Browning

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You could just post them here.

"I don't think Hank done it this way" - Waylon
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J.Nowanty revolver

I am researching a Belgian revolver that reads J.NOWONTY PRAGUE on top of the barrel. The initials J.N. are on the left side of the frame. On the right side of the frame reading from top to bottom is R then a crown C then a star A with a P side by side. The cylinder has the since 1893 Belgian Prood of the Crown with E LG in a circle. The revolver is nickle plated and engraved. The bore diameter is .269 give or take a .000. The stocks are carved with a Cherubum resembling the Valintine Day angels spearing a dragon like creature in the mouth. The are stained black. I belive the model is the Constable Revolver. It has a thumb safety on the left side of the frame above the grip stock. Any help or information is very much appreciated. The ornate engraving and stocks, to me, are like putting a pretty dress on a pig. It's still a pig. If you can, email me at [email protected] .

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