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I know it is too much to hope for, but anyway:

>That all my GS friends have a much healthier, happier year

> That congressional representatives vote a bill of impeachment of the POTUS, for breach of oath of office and high crimes and misdemeanors

> That the Senate trial of the POTUS, finds for impeachment, and precludes any form of subsequent remuneration or physical protection for the POTUS, upon his departure

> That Hillary Clinton, be [federally] indicted for crimes against the United States of America, for her failure to act reasonably and prudently and her failure to provide due diligence, when she was the chief operating officer of the US State Department

> That a new, simplified federal income flat tax be legislated, and the IRS be abolished

> That The Affordable Care Act, be abolished by act of Congress. over-riding the POTUS' veto.

> That by a date certain by law, after discovery: every proven public domestic petroleum volume source will be exploited by a federally supported joint Industry/Government Commission, similar to the AEC, with productive access grants to the highest private US bidders. The Dept. of Energy will be abolished.

> That by a date certain by law, the Eastern, Southern, Western, and Northern US borders will be secured. This includes seaports, air traffic terminals, air traffic routes, and ALL aircraft, as well as large land masses contiguous with Mexico and Canada and the entire coastline of Puerto Rico.. [ Penalties for border violations will be VERY stringent, especially for ANY kind of drug smuggling, which could yield capitol punishment.] The Department of Homeland Security will be abolished. In its place will be established a new VERY flat bureaucracy, including the Customs and Border Service, the Commercial Airport Screening Service, the Coast Guard and Seaport Service, the DC Police, and the Presidential Security Detail. This bureaucracy will report to none other than the POTUS!! [What better way to teach a non-management person WHAT management is, and HOW it is properly done, and get the POTUS engaged in important domestic operations of the country].

I know you are laughing your a$$es off, because all of the above could probably not happen over four double presidential terms, but it's nice to think about.


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Happy New Year

If the country was run by true americans it would all come true. Better yet, it would never have happened in the first place.

Each election is an advance auction on the sale of stolen goods

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