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5 arrested during protest at North Phila. gun store

Five people protesting inside a North Philadelphia gun store were arrested after they refused to leave when ordered by police. Police said they gave the five, who are connected with the religious coalition Heeding God's Call, three warnings before the arrests were made.
The incident happened about 3 p.m. inside Colosimo's Gun Center, 933-35 Spring Garden St. Police said the five were awaiting arraignment last night on charges of defiant trespass.

One of the protesters, Melissa DeLong, 28, of Camden, said: "I'd rather leave in a [police] wagon than see one more child in a coffin." The protest was part of a weeklong antigun effort by Heeding God's Call that includes a 3:30 p.m. rally on Saturday that will start at Broad and Poplar Streets and end at Colosimo's.

Store owner James Colosimo, 77, spoke to the protesters for about an hour. He said he doesn't sell guns illegally and objects to being targeted by Heeding God's Call. "The church doesn't make laws," said Colosimo, a Roman Catholic. "I don't like a lot of what's going on in the church, but I don't sit on the steps trying to stop Mass."

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another example

of mis-informed young people.this bugs me because this gal is 28 and i am 31 so call us the same generation.she obviously went to school during the same time frame that i did.i feel that at that time it was the beginning of the liberal teachings in public schools.fortunately,i was not brainwashed by this liberal blather.i of course had many outside influences beyond my parents who are to this day devoted democrats.they cant understand how i could vote republican or even begin to harbor conservative beliefs.i chalk it up to i dont like being told what to do.maybe this is why i never joined the military when i turned 18.i think that what i do with my life and my family is my business and not anyone elses.i take care of my family and our needs without the use of federal or state welfare and this comes from a guy that hasnt had a steady job since October.i see welfare as a scapegoat in the sense that people who use it once caught up in this system find themselves too proud or too lazy,fail to pursue further gainful income.yes,i collect unemployment but on the same token i paid into it for 15 years.i meet my weekly commitment of job applications for the unemployment office as per the regulations.i am concerned with the new administrations ideas of extensions for unemployment,not for me but for those who are enjoying the free ride.unemployment insurance is not a free should only be able to collect a check from what you have paid into the system,the same way as social security should be handled.i aint trying to piss in any cornflakes here but when i have been working my social security monies that i pay in are going to people that paid pennies on the dollar in comparison to what i pay in.i am sorry that you paid into the system at a different rate than i do and have but it is what it security was designed as a supplemental insurance for retirement,not your sole,if you have a disability,i think that you can have a portion of the money i paid/pay into the system.if you own a harley davidson and a boat and have more than one house,whether they are rentals or not,you are on your own.i know more than one person in their early seventies who talk about all the houses they owned and the boats and airplanes and things.where is all that money now?you want me to work so you can collect a check evey month while you pay no house payment,no taxes(property)and drive a Cadillac?no wonder i sit here and eat fatty foods and drink beer hoping for a massive,fall over dead heart attack at kids will be raised and with four of them,i aint got a chance in hell to save for retirement(yes,my choice).so i say to all of you retired,social security collecting folks,enjoy my money because i never will!bring me another cheeseburger!

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close to this area, so go easy guys...really, Philly is synonymous with guns for God's sake...police are constantly using them to shoot and beat perps with, so go easy. Actually, I am trying to write something funny and enlightening, but with all the shit that goes on there, I just can't find any humor in this..sad, very sad. I guess this is why I left to Arizona!

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