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Academy Training seems to be failing Officers in one area which is showing up more often these days.

This is just personal opinion so take it for what it is worth (not much)...

It seems to me that Taser training should be performed before firearms training with a cross draw rig. Then Firearms training in a strong hand rig, then a combined training so that the decision making and correct weapons selection become melded into an almost instructional response.

After the fact training with Less than Lethal Tasers has in fact turned into an extremely lethal outcome depicted in the different occurrences of Officers being Certified after the fact to carry a Taser who intend to draw and fire their Taser only to find out that it is their service weapon in their hands after the trigger is pulled, the weapon bucks in their hands and the suspect is dead on the ground.

"TASER ! TASER ! TASER !" BOOM and a life is gone and another is destroyed all because of a failure in the process, IMO.

Anyone who has worked in construction knows that over time you will learn where each and every tool in your tool pouch is located and you hand will find it as soon as you need it. For some this includes tools that are located around the person on a belt, in puches and pinned between the body and belt.

I carried an Electricians tool pouch on my right side full of screw drivers, needle nose pliers, awl, utility knife, hammer, snips and measurement tape. On my left hand side was a 4 pocket screw pouch with tool slots both on the front and back sides of it holding various drill bits, punches, shears, and other tools.

I never had to look for anything, my hand knew where to find the tool or screw needed without skipping around trying to find the right one. Instinct, muscle memory and coordination ensured I had what I needed in my hand when I needed it.

Less than Lethal should be an option for every Officer and should be something they leave the Academy trained to use along with all the other tools of their trade.

They should be trained in decision making on which to reach for, and it should be drilled into them where they do it without thinking about getting the correct tool in their hand when needed.

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
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1. Plenty of academies, whether they are regional academies or college-based, train personnel from dozens of agencies at one time. Many folks do not carry the Taser, and everyone seems to do things just a bit different. I for one think each officer needs to be given the freedom to figure what works best for them. I carry mine crossdraw, and have used it with either hand.

2. All academies are hamstrung by state and sometimes academic regulations. For at least the last 20yrs or so, 40hrs is the primary standard for defensive tactics and firearms (1wk each). This has stayed the same, while feelgood hippie crap like sensitivity training, second language, etc. gets more and more hours.

3. Initial academy training, no matter how good, is out the window in 6-8 weeks without diligent practice. I feel the responsibility lies with the individual officers, since even the very best funded and progressive departments do no provide training that is frequent or realistic enough to "be enough". Too many officers do not take their responsibilities seriously enough, and goof their way through even the initial, basic training. Too many schmucks, not enough warriors.

I hope to change some of this soon; I've applied to run the range and some other programs at a local academy fulltime. ISD your post has a lot of "good shoulds" in it.....sadly a lot of police administrators, trainers, and officers do not see it so clearly.

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