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AK 47 vs 74

Saw show about the Russia rifles and was wondering witch one YOU would have if you could only have one? Hunting game? home use? pinking?

5 years 30 weeks ago, 3:06 PM

greg az

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all around TG..

SKS.. Not perfect.. far from it.. sorta like that vertigo you deal with buddy..

Go Russian means either go big like the 7.62X 54R a hot round and performs much like a 30.06.. or the more common 7.62 X39,, this is the SKS/AK round..

If you go to the 74's round of 5.45X39 then your in AR country, and duh..why, cause a lot more money to shoot..

So go big and long with the 54 or.. for what you stated.. hard to beat the 7.62X39.. question then is do you go with the old SKS, or AK.. since you can buy the SKS so cheap.. get two of them, they look like your basic grandpa's hunting rifle.. but semi auto, and you can drop in large cap mags..

Youngest had a BF who brought both when they came to visit.. bout half the time we go to the range when the boys come up.. Troy brought along both an AK and an SKS.. Big thing to all the girls that they were shooting the AK 47.. boreed with the SKS.. So were driving back, and i ask which one they liked.. Mom and Daughter both liked the AK,, but thought the SKS was a lot easier to shoot,.. they weren't intemidated with it in any way.. both thought the AK was much more powerful..etc.. We all know it's the same round.. Shows what perception does..

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5 years 30 weeks ago, 3:15 PM


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.30 hands down if considering it for food collecting.

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
5 years 30 weeks ago, 6:06 AM


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I'm looking to purchase a Nagant and an SKS from a local dealer who has them both at awesome prices. Might be bringing home that Nagant sometime this week! I love the 7.62x54 round, it's right up there with the .30-06 and any mainstream American highpowered rifle and you can get it a lot cheaper.

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