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As it happens we also have a "Sadie".. Our youngest has a 4 year old Shepard and Terrier mix.. You guys know how dogs will normally be either wise or just flat goofy.. Sadie is goofy, big lovable, and WAY goofy..

I read LLE's post and thought what wise words.. We really do learn from the dogs in our life.. My wife says guys like dogs because they love unconditionally, and were a tad smarter than they are.. She's right of course.. then again Ive seen some Aussie Shep's, that will give you a run for the money in the Intel dept.. They might not be able to take sides in geopolitical debates. but they win as they just don't make mistakes..

I for one like it that our pooches will sometimes wonder into a room and get that "what the F am i doing here" look.. Happens to me more and more.. Our "Brownie" winds up with an extra treat when she does it.. This is a great story for a sad subject.. Brownie was a hand off.. We were going to rename her something a bit more "hep".. I've always liked black labs named "deets" (you guys get that or not) Thing is she knew her name, and we didn't want to confuse her.. Thing is shes a black min pin..

Yep i have a grey F250, "red".. and a black min pin, "brownie"..

A quick aside.. You know your in a liberal city when the yellow pages have dog physiatrists listed..

Hamp.. Pretty sure there wasn't a member on here who read your post and didn't have his heart break a bit for you.. Please except all of our thoughts, and know were truly sorry you have to go thru this..

I listened to a philosophical debate on the radio sometime ago.. couple of theologians were discussing the issue of pets in heaven.. I for one "hope" there is a heaven, but chose not to base my belief in the Lord on fear or reward.. I do know that if heaven exists.. Dogs will be there..

Hamp.. take comfort in this.. Sadie will meet you on the way in the door..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.

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