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A tidal wave of violence in Mexico spills over our border, washing through our country. Criminal aliens shoot Arizona rancher and NRA Life member Robert Krentz in cold blood. All while the anti-gunners in Washington blame Mexican corruption on American gun owners — trying to take your guns rather than take back the border. And when they threaten our guns, they make it our fight.

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A bucket of shit weighs more than the words of those clowns who supposedly represent "we the people". The only time our so called president steps foot in AZ is when there is an event such as the Tucson shooting, that he can use to support his agenda. The rest of the time, he is scared to face the facts. He knows that there is no southwest border of the U.S. He knows that drug cartels and human traffickers run the majority of Southern AZ and parts of TX. He knows that Sheriff Babeu and Sheriff Joe are right. He just won't admit it because it goes against everything his administration is trying to accomplish.

This is truly getting out of hand, I can tell you from first hand experience. Last time I drove I-8 from Yuma, There was only one BP checkpoint (right outside of Yuma city limits) and one BP surveillance post on top of a hill. That’s for a 300 mile stretch of highway. South for Highway 8, its basically lawless desert all the way down to the "border". There are signs posted instructing drivers not to stop in certain areas or enter other BLM wildlife areas because of all the narco and human smuggling traffic. THAT IS ON U.S. FEDERAL LAND!

I don't understand why the current administration cant wake up and see the facts. Phoenix is the 5th or 6th largest city in the nation, and parts are being over run by these traffickers. Every night on the news, they show drop house raids where tons of dope is found, or hundreds of illegals are being held for ransom by their coyotes. These drop houses are in nice neighborhoods and are spread out throughout the valley. Shit just pisses me off. Ebear!!! Do something!!!

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