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been reading everywhere about it, been asking people, and from what i understand, the 357 sig succesfully mimics the 357 mag in 125 grain, but above 125 grains, the 357 mag is superior, what about in lighter grains?

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Numbers is numbers. The .357 Mag as far as I can determine, still has the upper hand. It's difficult to tell sometime because writers will mix oranges and apples and ask you buy one.
The short story(that I have been led to believe) was that Law Enforcement(?) went to SIG and told them needed a cartridge that was hotter than the 9MM and 40S&W, wanted it in the same size and capacity pistols. Voila, the .357SIG.
I have a couple of .357SIGs the G32 & G31. I like them both along with other comparable pistols. The recoil is a little sharper/quicker(different from a 40S&W in the same pistols) but not more punitive. Lots of discussion about the cartridge and the word I'm getting is that LE likes it.

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numbers is numbers, and it was, i believe, the fbi that went to SIG and asked for a pistol similar in characteristics to the 9mm and the 40S&W and said, we gotta have something hotter, but still easy on the wrist and the 357SIG was born. as to the weights of the balls, the numbers get a little more complicated. you should ask my aniki chan tonight at the meeting about this. i'm sure he'll be able to make the numbers make sense to you. as i know you've seen, he's a great teacher when it comes to making it easier for people to understand the complexities of the numbers for muzzel energy and ballistic coefficients. so just ask him at the start of the meeting and i'm sure he'll be able to help you. i'll give him a heads up about this before hand so he'll be ready for your questions.

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