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8 years 29 weeks ago, 8:49 AM


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another new guy

am buying a russian made s.k.s 1951 with hardcase, scope, and bayonet i was told the russian made is about the best . is it true? what should i look for? any advice helpful

8 years 29 weeks ago, 9:21 AM


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Welcome to
The persons to ask about the SKS are Reaper308 & greasypaws plus alot of other people on here when they wake up!
Hope you are enjoying the sight.

8 years 29 weeks ago, 10:38 AM


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Unkleskanks and SKS's

Hey man, if you buy a Russian, then you are going to have the best rifle for a few reasons, whenever you buy a foriegn made rifle you have to consider the resources that are available to that region. Russia has a rich supply of iron, whereas China does not. The iron which is made into steel is a harder steel, so you will have less reciever action fouling and and/or warping. Russia also has a rich supply of Chromium, so that the bolt reciever and interior of the barrel are chromed. Second down from Russians are Yugo's because of the quality of steel, they have a deficiency of chromium, so they fire and case harden their steel. Albanian's and Romanians and Chinese are all on the lower class end, due to their resources available.

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8 years 29 weeks ago, 12:35 PM


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welcome to the site!

A russian SKS is a good choice. I own a russian and a yugo. Honestly, I like to shoot the yugo better. it has a longer barrel and heavier stock (easier on my shoulder) and is just as accurate. I hardly ever clean it and it eats anything whitout taking a shit. I have never had any problems with it. I did have a firing pin/housing unit problem with my russian sks. I replaced the origional, and it shots flawlessly now. It is a lttle better looking (laminated stock, chrome bayonete, chrome lined barrel etc...) the russian will always hold its value also, because they are harder to find (but you will pay more). Both are great rifles. If you want a good shooter that won't fail, go with a yugo... you can get "excellent condition" rifles from Samco Global for under $300. If you want more of a collector or harder to find rifle that is also a good shooter, the russian is good.

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8 years 29 weeks ago, 12:57 PM


uncle skanks

make sure and check the chamber and bolt face for corrosion(rust)since these did fire corrosive ammo.

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