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another Newbie...

So, I've been shooting my entire life and consider myself an adequate marksman but I've recently bought a few pistols and I'm wondering if I've choosen the wrong ammo. Last year I bought a Ruger P-95 (brand new) and some UMC Remington rounds. Anyway, the gun doesn't like to shoot the 124grn. rounds. I'm interested to find out if its just the rounds that cause the gun to not eject properly or what? If anyone else owns a P-95 and they've found a consistant round, please let me know what You are shooting.
Just recently I bought a Springfield 1911 A-1. Haven't been able to shoot it yet but am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best, or more inportantly, the most reliable ammo to shoot through it.
Any imput is appreciatted.


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try something in 115 grain round nose for the 9mm and 230 grain round nose for the fine in my guns.i dont have a ruger

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the 115 grain is all i use for my 9.I have shot the p-94 dc......nice shooter.....a little bulky for my taste but still great gun at a great price.

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First off, welcome to Gunslot, hope you like it here, jump in and join the fun.

The guy's above have hit the issue.. bullet weight.. Normal 9MM is 115 and most recoil spring rates are set for that.. a bit of change in weight shouldn't be an issue, but that depends on the piece, it is possible that your P-95 might need to be "tuned"... "Greasypaws" is our resident gunsmith.. you can contact him thru a pm.. but guessing a bit of experimenting with wt will solve the issue.. which shouldn't exist on the 1911.. Good rule of thumb for auto loaders is to run a couple boxes of jacket ball thru them first.. these are usually the least finicky feeders.. Then strip clean, light oil and experiment with diffrent bullet weight. Good luck, and keep us posted..

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when I had a P95, WWB worked fine for me. Pretty sure it was 115 gr. As for the 1911, WWB should work fine as well, but you'll likely experience a few FTF's and FTE's during the first 300-500 rounds while it breaks in. After that, gravy

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