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Saw these sights on cheaper than dirt and was wonderin if anybody had experience with these, cause they are only 10 bucks. I am a skeptic about buyin cheap stuff and wanted to know more before i bought these sights

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no experience with them, but if you read about them, you'll see that they are photo luminescent powered (not tritium). This means that they have to be under direct sun light or a very bright light for atleast 5 minutes before they will become luminescent. Tritium will glow continuously for its life which is generally 10-12 years with no ambient light needed.

I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't want to have to hold my gun under a lamp for 5 minutes to get the night sights to work. If you need night sights, you usually need them ASAP, not in 5 minutes.

It all comes down to what you want. For cheap night or low light plinking sights, they would work fine. For my primary defense weapon, I would save up and get some good name brand tritium sights like trijicon or even tru glo

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Charing these sights is faily easy if you leave your gun out during the day, but the charge doesn't last long at all. You don't really need night sights in the house, as you have a good quality light right next to, or on, or next to and on, your home defense gun. You do have one of these, right? The answer better be a resounding "Yes". Better yet, the answer better be a resounding "Yes, sergeant". Good. With the bright (65 lumens or better is my definition) beam of your quality light on the bad guy, your sights are backlit from your point of view and the glowy stuff disappears anyway. If your gun is to be used for defense, you should spend as much as you reasonably can to get the best equipment possible, and that includes your sights. I have night sights on all my guns as a sort of "redundancy in operating systems" kinda thing, in case my quality light(s) decide(s) to go tits up. But then again, I am an unashamed "Geardo"

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