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I am thinking about getting a 50 cal chambered in Beowulf AR-15 platform.
Any negatives for deer or bear hunting?

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Dear Demo san,

Ryo think there are at least 3 and maybe more people at Gunslot who are expert hand loader who could help with reloads. One or two maybe could help with receiver. greasypaws is most very expert hand loader and hobbyist gunsmith and could maybe help. fordvg is also most very excellent hand loader and could for sure help with reloading of cartridge. rm gunsmith specialize in pistol but maybe could help with which type upper to get. charley9toe is also expert hand loader. these are ones know for sure, but there are so many other that just too many to name. please contact these first and see what wisdom they may have for you.

Your friend,


Moshi Moshi from LittleDragon
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50 beowulf reloading

I have a wildcat round for an M-16 upper. It is a pain to reload. I have one more step in the process. I do not know where you are going to hunt, but there are regulations as to how many rounds you can have in your rifle, they go by magazine size in Washington and Colorado. So if you wanted to hunt in colorado, you would need to have a 5 round magazine, or a ten with a "non removable plug/block".

That is all I can help you with. If you go ahead, pictures would be cool.


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.50 Beowulf

I know two people with the .50 Uppers. Both gentlemen really like them. One friend said he had something like paint flaking on part of the piece. He subsequently touched it up (w/what)? Both have said they have experienced Zero functioning issues. I can tell you that I have seen the results on deer, and it is impressive. Did not lose as much meat as expected. No bullets recovered just a straight pass through (I saw one deer shot in the shoulders).

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