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Armalaser SR2 test

I finally got a chance to do a 200 round live fire test with the new Armalaser SR-2 (Stingray) mounted on my Walter PPS 9mm. My impression is very favorable. There are many things I like about this product and I will attempt to highlight....

For starters, I elected to install on my Walther PPS 9mm, a small and lightweight single stack 9mm designed for ultra concealment and personal defense. Installation of the SR-2 was easy but be careful: there are small washers that go one the head of the mounting screws (2) that can be easily lost if you are not careful. To Armalaser's credit, they provide extras along with all the tools you will need to mount the unit and open the battery compartment including (you do not have to take the SR-2 off your gun to change batteries) as well as an extra hex wrench for windage and elevation adjustment.

After mounting to the PPS slide (I recommend you apply blue Loctite to the screws), I proceeded to do a rough elevation and windage adjustment at home that would at least get me on target (with no rounds fired). I have to say having done this many times, I've gotten rather good at it. At the range my windage was spot on, my elevation required a minor adjustment to lower the POI - it took me all of a minute to do. After that, the SR-2 held its POI perfectly, no further adjustment was necessary during the 200 round test and the laser never failed. I also like the idea that the windage and elevation screws are tight. This should help in maintaining POI. Using a B21x target, all my shots (rapid and slow fire) landed in the center circle at 10-12 yards, a realistic combat distance.

A few things worth noting....the SR-2 I received from Rick at Armalaser has a shortened on/off switch vs. the standard "winged" switch shown at Armalaser's website and what is used on the standard Armalaser SR-1. The standard on/off switch provides a bit less finger reach but I have found (and this is just me) that it can be problematic when inserted in a rigid Kydex IWB holster. In my case, I experienced accidental laser activation using a Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB. With the shortened on/off switch however, I experienced no such problem whether sitting, driving, bending, walking, etc. Something obviously to think about and your experience may differ. And for those who do not intend to IWB carry their weapon with the SR-2 attached, the standard on/off switch will be fine. The downside to the shortened lever (and I don't know whether Rick will give you a choice of short or standard switches) is that it does require a hair more index fingerreach but when mounded on my PPS (and I have short fingers), I was still able to activate the on/off in an intuitive manner when releasing the gun from the holster. This was not so with the even smaller LaserMax LMS Micro mounted on the PPS. Keep in mind finger reach is gun/finger length specific.

The major plus however compared to the LaserMax Micro is the SR-2's brighter red laser - 635nm for the SR-2 vs. 650nm for the LaserMax Micro. I have compared the beams of both and indeed there is a difference. This should aid in brighter light. The other thing I like about the SR-2 is the dual screw mount design. The front screw rests in the gun's rail slot, the second screw helps anchor the unit to frame. The LaserMax uses only one screw to secure the unit to the frame. Not a show stopper but another plus for Armalaser.

The SR-2 uses (2) 386 batteries and has a run-time of 2-hours. List price is $139.00.

I got mine on amazon for a buck twenty six and some change....Will post a pic as soon as I find the F,n charger for my camera :)

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