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Armalite AR10A2C

Hello people! I am new to the discussion board thing. I have just ordered myself a new Armalite AR10A2C and was wondering if anyone has had any experiance with one? Any info would be useful. Thanks.

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Don't know about the AR10A2C but, I have a friend that has the AR10T and it is great. A lot of fun to shoot. Mr friend has been in a couple of sniper matches with his and done real good in them. He did have a problem with it feeding at first but Armalite took care of it for him. Runs like a dream now.

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i have shot the AR10A2 (infantry model... not AR10A2C carbine model) a few times and I thought it was a great shooter. no problems and pretty accurate. I happen to prefer M1 models in .308 over AR models in .308, but never the less, the AR10A2 was a good rifle.

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