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I have read your article on Arizona gun laws. I have two firearms that I would like to sell. The questions that I have not found the answer to are:

1) How do I go about a private sale? I spoke to a salesperson at a local arms dealer who told me that I only need to make a document which transfers responsibility to the new owner and have it signed with a copy of their drivers license. I want to do this in the safest possible manner and take all necessary precautions. Should I have this document notarized?

2) Is my name in any kind of database as having purchased these weapons?

I am a novice when it comes to these matters and I would like to play it safe.

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1.Listen to your local

1.Listen to your local dealer.
2.Where ever you bought the weapon will/should have your information on the fire arm.

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If you are selling a long arm (rifle/shotgun) you can sell FTF (face to face) with no paperwork except what you want (bill of sale, etc.) You can also sell and ship the long arm intrastate (within AZ) via common carrier or USPS. If the sale is out of state the gun must be shipped to a FFL holder for the transaction.

If you are selling a handgun the transfer must take place at a federally licensed dealer/gun shop or the sheriffs dept (if they will do it, many will not). You can also sell to someone elsewhere ( in or out of state) but it will need to be shipped to a FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder (by common carrier, cannot use USPS) to complete the transaction.

The above assumes that you are not selling an NFA firearm (short barrel rifle/short barrel shotgun/fully automatic weapon/etc). There is additional things that must be done for these types of guns

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