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Bad day for a robbery

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March 27, 11:53 AM

Ronald Deshawn Rice and Ryan Dwight Ross thought it would be a cakewalk to break into Travis Morrow’s house. After all, Mr. Rice had a gun, a surefire reputation enhancer which might also increase his sexual attraction with the gender of his choice. (This being a progressive, tolerant media outlet.)

Anti-rights proponents like to tell us how dangerous it is to keep a gun in the house, because the most likely scenario is that the criminal, who somehow possesses superior martial arts and gun handling skills, will disarm you and turn the gun on you. (This writer is still waiting to see those mythical media reports.)

Back to our story: Not being a proper victim–which according the anti-self-defense proponents means he should have fallen on his back with his arms and legs waving in the air–Mr. Morrow proceeded to struggle with attacker Rice in order to disarm him. During the fight, Rice’s gun “discharged,” meaning that the violent criminal, attributed with excellent gun handling skills by the gun banners, had his finger on the trigger before he had aimed the gun at Mr. Morrow and was ready to shoot. (That’s the difference between criminals and law-abiding citizens: Criminals don’t care if they shoot their victims, experiencing no remorse afterwards, unless coached by their defense lawyers to play-act in an attempt to get a reduced sentence.)

Anyway, Rice’s gun fired by virtue of his finger being on the trigger, except the muzzle was aimed at himself. You could say this model citizen shot himself in the foot, so to speak, except the bullet entered his left hand.

Rice’s ordeal was not over: Morrow’s girlfriend, deciding to stand by her man, ran to the kitchen and got a knife. While Mr. Rice danced around in pain and frustration, she stabbed him in upper left back area. At this point, Rice and Ross decided a tactical retreat was in order.

Deputies found Mr. Rice at a local hospital seeking medical treatment for his wounds, no doubt at the taxpayers' expense. But if you believe it’s okay to break in and steal people’s money for a living, what’s the difference if you rob them a second time, using their tax dollars to patch up wounds created by your own ineptitude?

At last report, Rice and Ross are each awaiting arraignment on one count of attempted armed robbery and two counts of assault with intent to kill. Perhaps Mr. Rice will no longer need a gun to get all the amorous attention he desires.

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