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Everybody uses them. Lights, lasers, cameras, you get the idea.
What is your brand and do you buy bulk or as needed?

I prefer Energizer for heavy use and Duracell in light use/long storage devices.(smoke alarms come to mind)
I also buy as needed on most sizes but do keep AAA and AA on hand for remotes.

If I need a rechargeable battery pack re-celled I take it to the local Interstate dealer.
They worked wonders on a Craftsman cordless drill battery pack for me.

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I have a pretty good surplus of lithium AA, AAA, CR123, D and a couple 9 V's. Most of the others I buy as needed. I usually stay with name brands but don't really have a preference between Duracell or Energizer etc. I guess I've never really noticed a difference between the two. I just try to stay away from the cheapos that don't last.

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