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6 years 43 weeks ago, 11:30 AM


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We all really do appreciate everyones time and efforts in bringing this site into existence to start with and the time and efforts they put into it to keep it flowing. I'm not sure how many members or visitors on this site know what it takes to maintain a Server and a group of users but it is not always fun and it is Work without question. So all of us really want you to know we do thank you and we do appreciate it immensely.

A couple of you really put some serious effort beyond the daily monitoring and crowd control by spending your time, free time or otherwise in burning the midnight oil cutting code. Programming can be many things to the person who decides they want to do it. It is a all consuming job and the effort in debugging, trouble shooting and keeping everything working in conjunction with all other modules which make up the complete User Interface and Web Site along with the actual DBF aspect of a Web Site is a major undertaking.

Quinton and Martin along with all the Modirators on the site really do go above and beyond providing this site for everyone to make use of and become a part of if that is what they wish to do.

All of use do need to keep this in mind along with the fact that these people do not demand money nor do they receive a pay check to do it.

Every now and then a quick message to one or all of them as you see fit, letting them know you do in fact appreciate all their efforts would be cool. Also when asked for opinions and input or ideas about the direction or additions to the site, take some time and actually think about it and respond. Even what you might see as possibly being seen as silly could turn out to be one of the best additions to come.


Now that I have a sufficient rig of cack around my neck from kiss butt so bad my head got buried. I'll take off this Ass Hat and go back to being.... OOOoooommmmm


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6 years 43 weeks ago, 11:39 AM

Saint J.M. Browning

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Funny stuff at the end. But, yeah, ditto for me. Thanks, guys.

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6 years 43 weeks ago, 12:03 PM


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And without any doubt this is the best gun site on the internet. Gunslot #1!!!!!! I also send my thanks to Q and M. And can say without a doubt as long as gunslot is runnin then I Snake (Jon) will be here. This site means a lot to me. Not only have I learned a lot about guns,laws,safety,ect. But I also have made lots of friends here,friendship is something I value most.

OK im done kissin ass lol.

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6 years 41 weeks ago, 2:50 PM


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TY ISD ( shoooooooooooooooot) when it was down the one day I called go daddy to see if I could pay the bill but did not have the IMFO for them to do it. TY


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