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I would like to build a BO bag for me and mine. I would like to have a couple actually, one for the truck, one for the house, and then another for camping/hiking. Of course the home bag could build off my trucks bag, but what If I wasnt able to get to my truck? so my home bag must contain what I would keep in the truck plus a home size version. I have a few ideas of what to put in there but I feel like I am leaving a lot out of it. This is what I have thought of so far...
2x glock mags, 2x 5.56mags, hand full of shotty.
Some sort of water purification, either tablets or this cool little pump I saw in a cabelas mag
1xsolar panel with accompaning battery source, for GPS/Phone/computer/or anything else batter operated like my flashlight, of which will be taken with me.(solar panel is compact...saw it in cabelas lol)
1 or 2 pairs of clothes for me and the wife
My buck knife and a multi-tool
Some first aid, atleast 2xclotting agents, gause, bandaids, alchohol/peroxide, anti-ich stuff, ibeuprofin, neosporin
2x colapsable cups/plates with spoon/fork multi-tools
....Thats all Ive got so far for the house kit...the car kit would be like this kit ( plus a couple things, and then the camping/hiking kit would need to be small and like this
Give me your thoughts and suggestions.

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good start

here's what I have in my short term bag:

300 ft. 550 paracord
100 ft. 100MPH duct tape
Fire kit w/ flint & Steel, steel wool, waterproof matches, lighters, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly and other fire accelerants
various extra batteries(AAA,AA,123,D)
LED Surefire Flashlight and 2 LED headlamps
M1A, AR, and Glock mags w/ extra ammo for .22LR and 12GA
small first aid kit
High calorie energy bars (2000 calories)
2 100 oz water bladders (obviously empty)
electrolyte powder for water
bottle of mulit vitamins
water purification (filter and tabs)
4 Mylar emergency space blankets
4 ponchos
survival knife
multi tool
small mirror (for signaling)
2 way radios

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pretty much the same as Reaper,i have beefed up the FAK with extra medicines,i have added my winter long johns,hand warmers,gloves,and balacalva.I have matchs,lighter,and flint steel to start a fire with along with the petroleum saturated cotton balls.I have a poncho liner attached under the pack,wrapped in a small tarp.Thats my primary bag,i have more winter gear in my van,a collapsable shovel,small folding handsaw,and toilet articles in the bag there with food that i have just rotated out for this winter.

I keep a small amount of gear close by,G26,spare mag,flashlight,couple folding knives,which hopefully will allow me to get to the vehicle for the primary bag.Depending on the situation my primary bag goes with me,as it is rather inconspicious.( Maxpedition Condor).

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Your Bobs

Have you tough of the 911 GPS box and/or a globe cell phone? As for me sorry can not right now just paid $50 for 12 gal of gas grrrrrrr...................TY


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