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8 years 6 weeks ago, 2:47 PM


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Bohica Arms (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) .50BMG AR conversion...

Anyone ever have any experience with BOHICA?

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8 years 6 weeks ago, 7:54 PM


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But they never bothered returning my call. I was trying to get more information, as this is probably what I'll do for my .50 toy. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a Robar, McMillan, or Barrett.

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7 years 45 weeks ago, 12:37 PM


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I have a BOHICA Arms FAR-50 MK-III .510 DTC Fluted 30" I love it to death and beyond. They are very accurate and highly affordable. I have shot 3/4 inch groups with mine which translates to around a 7 1/2 in group at 1,000 yards. Chris and his staff are highly professional and have treated me really good. They do not always answer the phone as they are generally working on people's orders, but they are fast, anywhere from a month to about 4 month wait for uppers ordered. When I got mine I had to wait a year, but it was worth every second. I will probably order a Fluted 20" for easier to carry hunting applications as my 30 inch is more of a bench gun, but I still lugged it over the hills and valley areas of Washington State and had a blast. Everyone knows when you touch off one of these. Many times at the shooting range I will shoot it and everyone comes to watch. I have let others shoot it as well. See you tube video of zeroing at 25 yards with me and my wife shooting it and a Mossberg 590 Special Purpose shotgun with Winchester 3" Supreme Magnum shotgun shells. I even let an old man and a little kid shoot it so you can see that the recoil is not that bad:

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