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jay sedler

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bowling for columbine

was on tv lat last nite.i couldnt sleep and hadnt seen it, but knew what i was gona see was worse than i thought.michal moor is a douchbag.he questioned charlton heston at his heston answered his call box at the driveway and told michal moor he had people over now but he would fit him in at 8 30 the next morning witch he moor produced a lifetime membership card to the nra.heston shook his hand smiled and said well done!heston was as usual a great character answering questions on the feeling of security of having a loaded gun.heston said that even though he knew he wouldnt need it, it was there if he did and it made him feel good. as opposed to one locked away in a safe unloaded as moor suggested.moors overal view is basicly americans are scared of everything,therefore we buy more guns,therefore raising the probability of accidents,and deliberate shootings,therefore when us scared armed idiots have confrontations we kill each other.moor tried to use his special misleading questions with seemingly innocent even childlike manerisms and emotional overtones he tried to confuse the wise mr heston who answered as powerfuly as if it was coming from the character mosses himfself I am not scared i simply am exorcising my 2nd amendment right when moor asked cleverly if he kept his guns loaded to feel less scared(think thats how he put it).unfortunatly mr heston was forced to terminate the interview when moor started increasing the aggressive obtuse line of questions over why the nra held a rally in flint michigan the day of or day after a 6 yr old girl was shot by another kid in school.if a kid kills a kid in a chevy do the have to stop their business to respect the dead and their family?tragic and terrible it may be but life cant stop for the whole world because of any of us when we moor is an emotionaly manipulative puppeteer.he uses emotion not logic to get other weakminded people to do outrageous things with him.funny that he uses some of the colombine victims in his movie to make it powerfull and he uses their bad memories and fear to motivate them into harrassing the local Kmart that sold the ammo that was used in the shooting at and so here has 4 of these 9mm k mart bullets in him moor said holding up what im sure was not a kmart 9mm marked brass for the liberal onlookers to see.moor is doing the same things to these kids as the shooters at colombine did to themselves. fear negativity suffering pain focus on those things and not the responsibility of particular individuals for their actions and BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE is what you get!

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Michael Moore is a douchebag, but the public relations guy for K-Mart really screwed up by looking so weak. "We sell products in good faith and observe all applicable laws governing their sales. What our customers do with the products we sell is beyond our control. For every round that ends up being used in a crime, literally tens of millions of rounds are used recreationally and in defense of innocent people".

I graduated, as I have said on occassion, with a 1.8 GPA from a Missouri public high school and even had to take a college correspondence course in order to graduate on time, but that statement I just typed came from my brain as I typed it. It seems to me that a college-educated executive at K-Mart whose job is to deal with the public should have been able to come up with something even more eloquent, even more compelling. I hope that fucktard was fired. I don't shop at K-Mart anymore except to buy cargo pants because Wal-Mart's pants fit funny and 5.11s are too expensive. K-Mart failed. If they had gotten it right in that interview, Moore wouldn't have even shown that interview.

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