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Bubba and Earl

Bubba and Earl were driving down the road one day and Earl said "Bubba, Let's stop at that filling station over on the loop. I've heard
something about it and want to see if it's true."
Bubba say's "O.K.", and they head for the station. When they pull up to the pumps, there is a card on top of the pump that say's:
Free Sex With Fill-Up
"That's what I've heard- Let's fill up Bubba", Earl Bo say's.
Bubba say's "O.K". and they fill-up and go into the station. Earl tells the man behind the counter.
"I want my free sex- we filled up!"
"It's not quite that simple" the man behind the counter say's. "You have to pick a number between one and ten."
Earl say's "O.K.- er - seven."
"Nope, that's not the number- sorry." The man says.
At that time, Bubba chimes in- "Hey- I want to play, it was my truck we filled up!"
"O.K.- pick a number between one and ten." the man behind the counter says.
Bubba thinks for a minute and says "O.K.- er- three."
"Sorry- that's not the number. Better luck next time."
As Bubba and Earl are driving off, Bubba looks at Earl and says, " I think that game is rigged. No matter what number we choose, he
is just going to say "Sorry, wrong number."
"No, it's for real." Earl replies. "My wife stopped by here twice last week and she won both times."

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lol to funny thank you


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