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At another site a guy from Bastrop, TX posted this and gave me permission to copy and paste here.
He and his family had to grab and run. Good lessons for all of us. He and his are fine, dwelling intact.
The last part refers to a separate thread where a guy is getting grief from his better half over his "stockpiling and paranoia".
(Vaquero relenquishes the floor)

I was far from totally prepared. I have three different BOBs because i have been trying to fine tune. So i had to grab all three. Lessons learned.

1. Finish the bobs. I will have more than one mainly because one is just for getting from one location to another and the other has my longer term equipment (hammock, sleeping bag, lightweight tarps, fire, water filters, etc.

2. Make a plan b, c, d, e, & f. The best laid plans can go to $&#@ right away. I was bugging to the family property (acreage where mom& dad live) when i found out they had to evacuate too. If it wasn't for friends willing to take us in, we would have been in a shelter or camping somewhere.

3. Pack food! I haven't gotten round to setting up emergency rations. Good thing i didnt need them. I will be buying a food saver and making my own MRE's asap.

4. Pack emergency clothes. I am going to pack clothes that will stay packed rather than having to throw some clothes in a bag. It didn't take long, but makes more sense to already have some packed and hope you haven't gained weight :).

5. Design your gear around your vehicle. I have a jeep and i'm limited on space.

6. Re-Train- For me, i need to retrain in first responder skills. My certs ran out a couple years ago and i could have possibly helped more, plus can better take care of family.

7. Make sure your plan includes everything you need for pet/animal evac. Can't tell you how many people lost their pets/animals because they didn't have a plan, weren't home, or didn't have the means to transport them. Work with your neighbors, etc to have plans in place. Those animals deserve a chance to live.

Thats just off the top of my head. I may add to this as this progresses and i think of things.

If your wife is uncomfortable, here are two suggestions:

1. Bring her to Bastrop and let her see the thousands that lost everything and explain that being prepared is piece of mind.
2. Just keep doing your thing in the background and be prepared. If the time ever comes, she'll understand.

Oh, guess what, you are never totally prepared, this crap hit fast and furious, and you just can't be totally ready for something like this, but having a plan does make things more bearable. Most important part to remember is you are human and are susceptible to stress, mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, and other outside factors. Remember to breath, eat well, and drink fluids. You' d be amazed how you can forget basic needs when you are stressed.

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