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Curious if anyone has any experience with the bushmaster acr... good or bad, I havn't heard anything about it.

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hot_diggity87 I shot about 200 rounds thru it during a police shooting event in the south metro of the Twin Cities. This was the civilian version that they were showing but were trying to push the defense version. I really liked this rifle, not a fan of the 1/9 twist or the fact that the pistol grip is not overly comfortable but the rilfe goes were you want it to without another thought. I never missed a target or had a jam and while I wasn't trying to show up the local cops at the event the rifle just worked the way I wanted it to. I liken it to a golfer who played with woodend clubs his whole life and then gets handed a new Titlest. I am a Marine Veteran and own a BCM Mid16, which I love, but if I had the chance to turn it in for an ACR I'd highly consider it. Again the bad things I don't like are the pistol grip, saftey switch doesn't bother me, and the 1/9 twist, bushmaster make okay rifles but the ACR is better than the brand. The Remington Defense model is the one I would like to see in the civilian market, I hope that this helps, best of luck.

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