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There's a bunch of discussion on bugout bags and home stored items, but does anyone currently have or plan to establish any offsite storage? A bugout bag may hold a decent amount of supplies, but it certainly won't keep you going more than a few weeks unless your idea of a bugout bag is a truck with an 8 foot bed

I don't have any caches right now, as my focus is preparing to store things onsite, but I can see some of the benefits to having one or a dozen sites;

- More robust storage capability (Sealed, food-grade barrels or sealed PVC pipes buried are more likley to survive a tornado or hurricane than the goods in the house)

- Confiscation of weapons, excess goods, ammo, or other items in extreme cases.

- Extra supplies in case your home is destroyed by fire

- Supplies available should you have to abandon your home due to looters, chemicals, fallout, or other reason. Again, an exteme example

I don't think cache sites are really a high priority for most of us, but if you're already well-prepared at home and in your vehicle(s), the idea might warrant a look.

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