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A freind of mine was telling me about this poor bastard from California that just got busted a few days ago, and here is the story I heard so far. Please add in any extra info you have.
This guy is picking up his freind from LAX, from there they were going to do some target shooting. On their way out they were stopped on a random vehicle search. The cop found 16 guns, and like a 1000 rounds of ammo. This guy was completely legal according to California law. All the guns were locked up seperately from the ammo, and the ammo cans were locked up. One of the guns was an AR15 which this guy had all the legal and appropriate paperwork with.
Here is were it gets ugly. They find a loop hole law that says that you have to go straight from your residents to the place you are going to shoot. This means if you stop anywhere, break down, or even break down this can make you a felon. The storm troppers go to this guys house and confinscate between the 16 at LAX and what they got from his house like 80 guns all together.
This guy is a fairly well to construction guy with money, so he plans on fighting the corrupt bastards to the end. I am just afraid that they are going to convently find something else to stick to this guy.
I just want to know if anybody here has any more information on this. Also I am wandering if they are going to start a drive to help support this guys defense costs.

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I have checked shotguns at LAX. I went to Contra Costra gun club to shoot trap. Flew into Oakland. Drove to a job in LA. Flew out after filling out a Federal Firearms Declaration Flew back to NY. No problems.
Can not figure out what the cops were thinking. Intent to commit a crime has to be in the law.
The ACLU should be happy to defend him because of the Illegal Search and seizure-if they really cared about civil rights.......fuck cali

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