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There is also a vidclip there

Debbie Torrence is a grandma, seamstress, and a gun owner.

"Once I learned how to shoot my gun, I got over my fear of a gun," she told Fox 13 News.

She's part of a growing number of women who are fired up about owning a gun.

'Once I learned how to shoot my gun, I got over my fear of a gun.'
- Debbie Torrence

"All types of women. I mean, even your grandmothers," she laughed.

In fact, more than 70,000 women between the ages of 51 and 65 got their concealed weapons permits here in the Sunshine State in May 2012 alone. That's right -- Grandma's packing!

"I was really, really afraid of the gun. I didn't even want to touch it," said Ellen Edmondson, a midwife who decided to buy a gun for protection after her husband passed away.

She and many other women are attending classes like the one hosted by the Wyoming Antelope Club, which teaches everything you need to know to be a responsible gun owner.

"Right now there are over 35,000 carry permits just in Pinellas County," explained one of the trainers.

"We have a right to bear arms in this country and if I don't even know how to shoot a gun, then I'm really not exercising my rights," said Ellen.

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I took my girlfriend to get her concealed weapons permit and have offered more than once to take her mom and sister to do the same. Florida seems to attract white trash from all states with the warm weather and lower cost of living and some of these people serve no purpose aside from targets, so why not have the ladies trained and ready to protect themselves?

Florida: We Don't Call 911!

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Am in pinellas county its gotten read of some white trash but the WELFARE people are moving up a long with the illeg mex use great ammo guy out in las vegas seling some that gose boom when it hit's :>)


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