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Carcano Question

My buddy has an 1896 Manlicher-Carcano its solid and in nice condition but there has to be something wrong because well my buddy has new ammo and some old possibly WWII era ammo and no matter which type he shoots there is a 3-5 second delay before it fires and you can hear the pin strike clear as day. its basicly Click.......... BOOOM!!!! thats the best way I can diescribe it. Any one know what the problem is?

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Delay - Possible Cause

Clean the bolt. it may have sludge in the mechanism, preventing a solid punch to the primer. This would usually prevent any ignition.

Or it may be that the primer is poisoned with primer sealer or bore cleaner and the chemical reaction is delayed before it explodes igniting the gunpowder.

I would discard the bullets or if not too much trouble, pull the rounds and replace the old primer with a new primer (The safe way to remove the primers is to fire them first without the powder or projectile in the cartridge). Then punch out the old primer. Replace with new primer and put the powder back in and reseat the projectile. Some of those cases for the Carcano were steel so the rework may not be worth it. I have a Swedish Mauser carbine in 6.55 x 55mm and old cartridges for this sometimes are defective. I only shoot the old stuff if I can get it for free or next to nothing.

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