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I just received a shotgun from my fathers estate.
On the top of the barrel ( Charles Mortimer Fine London Twist )
It is a 12GA Damascus Double Barrel shotgun,hammer,side lever action brake.
No numbers just proof marks on under side of barrel.
Can anyone tell me anything about it?

8 years 2 weeks ago, 5:51 PM



cant tell ya much other than DONT SHOOT IT!damacus barrels cannot handle the pressure of modern shells.alot of those english double guns can be worth alot of money.maybe a local gun shop can tell you where to go to get it appraised.

8 years 2 weeks ago, 3:54 PM


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Check Norm Flayderman's book on antique guns and their values. For decades he's been THE expert on the subject. I totally agree that you shouldn't shoot it. Modern ammunition can, & probably will, totally destroy the barrels. Years ago in a gun shop in High Ridge, MO I saw an old double that had been destroyed by shooting it with modern ammo, & it was a scary sight. The barrels were just shredded. The shop owner had it on his wall as an example of what not to do.

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Timothy L. Owings

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I own a gun that has been in my family for six generations. It is a percussion side by side shotgun with 42 inch barrels and a wooden ramrod. I do not know the guage. It has "mortimer" on it and I would sure love to know more about it Help!

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