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bad landing47

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Chicago gun tax

New Chicago gun tax $25.00 per weapon. Supposed to offset the expense of the cities cost to treat gunshot wounds. They wanted first to tax 5 cents a bullet until they learned that would double the price of .22 ammo. This tax projected to raise $600,000, but the average cost to treat gunshot wound is 50 to 60k, and with over 400 homicides this year and who knows how many wounded, thats a drop in the bucket. So now honest gun owners have to pay a portion of the gang bangers hospital bills. WTF. This is the kind of liberal F*d up logic that our illustrious president surrounded himself with in Chicago. I have serious worries of what he will do if re-elected or if he doesn't win what he will do in his lame duck session

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Gun Tax

What you want to think they fail to realize, but I'm sure actually do realize, is that gun crimes are almost invariably committed with stolen guns or guns bought from some back alley scumbag who stole them, gangbangers do not go to the local gun shop (not that such a thing exists in Chicago) and purchase and register a weapon to use in their crimes. This is just another tax to raise money for the city and another way for that anti-gun crowd in Chicago to try and browbeat gun owners until they either give up their guns or leave the city making it easier for the gangbangers to shoot more people which will, of course, necessitate another new tax to cover the costs.....

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