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Class 3 license?

Im new to this site and i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction pertaining to the class 3 weapons license or FFL dealer license, i want to know what steps i need to take to get either one, if they are the same thing, i live in AZ, my buddy and i have been discussing manufacturing suppressors and selling them and in order to own one in AZ you dont need a class 3 but as far as i know in order to manufacture and sell you do soo any guidance wouild be great thank you

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you DO need a class 3 in AZ to legally own a suppressor. I would go down to a class 3 dealor, they will set you up with all the paperwork you need

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I have a little experience in this. First, you are talking about many things and they have different requirements. Get on the ATF website and they will tell you how to obtaing a FFL license. There are many classes of FFL licenses. Your basic FFL license let's you operate a business buying and selling most firearms. If you want to sell NFA (class 3) items you need that license. If you want to be a mfgr. you need that license. To just own a can you don't need a license at all. What you need is to go through a class 3 dealer who sells you one, fill out the paperwork for fed approval, pay your $200+, and wait to hear from the ATF.

Hope this helps.

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