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7 years 19 weeks ago, 10:20 AM


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Cleaning solvents

We all know about Hoppe's #9, but how many really use it?
I have a kit with Outer's scent free cleaning solvent. It is scent free, but aint worth a darn at cleaning.
I have used Sweet's, that is some good stuff but gatting kinda hard to find for some reason.
I have a large bottle of Shooter's Choice, it is better than Hoppe's but WHEW! You either want all the windows open or go outside for air pretty regular and haul the used patches and rags out immediately.
Do any of yall have other brands you like and would reccomend?

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7 years 19 weeks ago, 10:25 AM

Larry Wagner

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I think that they should make a after shave or cologne with #9 smell LOL

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7 years 19 weeks ago, 11:04 AM


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Cleaning solvents

Lately I have been using chlorinated brake cleaner and it seems to work really well, not to mention I have a ton of it. Care must be exercised when cleaning weapons with wood furniture as it is can discolor it.

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7 years 19 weeks ago, 11:16 AM


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i use

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber,works very well,in a ventilated area(my Garage),I use Outers Nitro solvent,and Remington bore cleaner on the really tuff blackpowder residue.I also am a firm believer in Hoppes#9 and WD40.I am a picky bastard when it comes to clean guns.

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7 years 19 weeks ago, 3:42 PM

greg az

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Not like i should..

Be honest with you.. maybe twice a year i cover the counter in the kitchen, and really do a good copper brush bore clean on the shooters.. This is usually rotate time..I take the ones that i have placed around the home out they go in the range bag and the defense pieces now become range guns for the next 5 to 7 months.. When i do the rotate thing i "pull and wipe" with bedside, vehicle, and my victorys..

The serious cleaning is with hoppe's #9 period, the every couple three days wipe down, and maybe once a month bore sweep in with bottles of hoppes elite spray.. I really like this stuff, not quite as good a cleaner as old #9 but a lot easier to use, you just spray it on, and wipe off for pretty good (sure easy) cleaning..

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7 years 19 weeks ago, 4:33 PM


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Hoppe's #9

My solvent of choice. I also have a very limited quantity of the old GI bore cleaner used "way back when" to clean guns when primers had corrosive materials. Works great, stinks like you wouldn't believe. I use Gun Scrubber when called for (Brake Cleaner does the same thing). After Gun Scrubber I usually spray with WD40, then let that dry and apply Break Free (sparingly). Sweet's is very good, but it's expensive, and I hate spending money (I REALLY hate spending money), so I use Hoppe's #9 extensively.

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7 years 19 weeks ago, 5:45 PM


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I use either Birchwood Casey Nitro and Copper solvent or Hoppes #9. I always said if a woman wore Hoppes #9 as a perfume, I'd marry her. Oh, and if she can make a pecan pie.

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