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Clerk Shoots 2 Males Who Attempted to Rob Store

HOUSTON -- A clerk defends himself and his workplace when he shoots two males who tried to rob his store.

The clerk was in the process of closing the 786 Food Store at the 100 block of Aldine Bender Road at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when the two would-be robbers entered the building with guns.

The two males demanded money from the clerk and removed one gun from the counter that the clerk had. One of the males held the gun from the counter against the clerk's head, according to detectives.

The clerk reached for the gun on his belt and shot one of the suspects twice. As the other male approached, the clerk shot him once.

Both of the would-be robbers ran to the BMW they arrived in and drove a few blocks away. The suspects knocked on the door of home to get medical attention. They were both taken to Ben Taub General Hospital in stable condition.

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criminals like this!

a story:i commonly go to the local gas and go around 8 at night to pick myself up some barley soda to drink while i am on Gunslot.there has been,more frequently of late,that the ladies who work at the store try to keep me in conversation while shady individuals are in the store.even though i havent obtained my CCL yet,i,when going to this store at that time of night still pack heat.this is a rural area and alot of locals do the same and the local constabulary and prosecuters turn their heads to it.i have been in the store when meth heads try to steal and when drunks have gotten angry about not being able to buy more beer.i have on authority of the owners escorted people out of the scares the shit out of me but better me than the women who work there.i know all of the local sheriff's deputies by first name and they have and do thank me for what i do.they also know i carry iron during these situations.i just have seen an uptick in situations like this and think they will get worse and more frequent!with a down turned economy,even the criminals are working harder to keep themselves going!

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I am just surprised

they were able to leave, the clerk needs some training, but good on him.

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