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Colt Chapter 11

Colt goes Chapter 11... Well, I'm confused.
First off men and gals, their capital worth is booked at $500mio and their debt is, wait for it, $500mio. Yes, liquidity is more complex than left n'right side of the sheet, however, given the average return on capital in the farming sector is 2.5%, and many many modern industry corps are borrowed way way beyond their annual turnover, how is it that Colt's having to seek financial protection?!
Second folks, I own American. When I'm finished filing my US patent and paid my darn good patent attorney in Chicago, I'm maybe going to buy a Sako from Finland on a visit there, but that's a special case, and anyway I may go American with a local build long range piece. But when I buy a sidearm, even though Beretta make one of the only truly ambidextrous semi autos, I'll be buying American, and as for revolvers they're American, and my T/C Encore ProHunter is American. Am I getting my point across here? If Americans don't buy Americans, and if the MOD doesn't buy real American, then none of us can bitch if Colt et al go legs up!
That's it. Alastair, President, Coolgardie LLC... Errrr, that's an American company, tiny yes, but American, Texas American... Anybody wanna argue?

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WB bushboy

colt should have fight for the right to make rifles fore our troops..............


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