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I just finished reading the thread from LLE about sports officiating.. One of the common thoughts was how rough sports were in the past.. and of course they were..

That being said. i laugh my butt off at two commercials that i would wager you guys/gals get a kick out of as well.. The first is a bike rider.. he's on the shoulder of the road with his helmet in his hand, leaned up against a guard rail.... wearing those goofy bike shorts and jersey.. a "covey" of bike riders pass,

Guy looks in the camera and says (dripping with sincerity) "I took some steep risks in my day.. I rode down hills with out a helmet on".. this is some type of Staten heart drug i believe.. First time i saw it i thought it was sarcasm and laughed.. realized later that its serious.and thought holy cow..what have we become when that's an example of risk..

I'm not going to bore you with any past adventures or risks, I know you guys, and every time the commercial is on i think about all of us, and laugh... gosh did you ever ride down a hill with out a helmet on... embarrassing just embarrassing..

The other one is for the little blue pill.. this is the one where the guys in a dodge truck pulling a horse trailer.. gets the truck stuck in mud.. unloads and harness up the horses to pull him out.. All of this is ok.. cept the truck is a 4WD .. you can see the front differential as they drive away.. guessing they have such little regard for the average guy that they didn't even bother to get a 2wd and make it believable.. I know maybe to much time on my hands.. but come on..

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