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This week, we had a glimpse of a valuable lesson in what is and what is NOT meaningful for our country.

Brian Williams, the star of NBC NEWS, discovered that a career, based upon covert self-aggrandizement and a pretty face, WILL eventually catch up by the inevitable disclosure of his charlatanesque professional behavior. And all of the executive promoters [RCA, GE ,and Comcast] of Mr. Williams' career want us to believe they knew nothing of Williams' proclivity for fabricating "heroic", on the firing line behavior, so that the "story" being covered would include Williams "heroism".

Robert "Bob" Simon, a veteran CBS field reporter, RISKED HIS LIFE on real firing lines to get the story. He even spent 40 days in an enemy Iraqi prison. But the "story" was never about Simon, and his truly heroic behavior. It was about "the facts" on the ground.

The lesson for us, here, is obvious, if only to think about the TRUE WORTH of these two people, who, while appearing to have been in the same business, were worlds apart in what they produced for the US public, in terms of effort and validity.

RIP: Bob Simon 1941-2015

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2 years 14 weeks ago, 6:36 PM


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dying. I feel badly for those who cared about him, Simon's friends, family and admirers.
Brian Williams, I feel badly for those who thought he was what he portrayed himself to be.
Since I stopped watching the "news" on television several years ago I feel less stressed and less 'guided' by the celebrities. I read what I believe to be worthy of my attention and reaction. No personality tells me what my take on a situation should be. As result I'm not familiar with the 'personalities'.
I am certain, based on what I've read about Simon today, that he was 'for real' and that is a serious reflection against the make believe hero Williams. Bad timing for Williams.


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