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competition 9mm

Any suggestion on a 9mm for competition shooting (open class)

7 years 19 weeks ago, 2:38 PM

greg az

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yeah, you might want to consider the Springfield XD.. Either that or any of the 1911 frames in 9. They used to be pretty available but im not seeing them as much these days.. Thiers a reason that most competing like that frame..

Years ago when i was into PPC and bowling pins i went with a 45 commander, but made the classic mistake of trying to do double duty with it. i bought a light weight so it would be more comfortable to carry, and suffered with recoil.. try to go with about the heaviest frame you can..

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Glock 17 or 34

Sig Sauer,S&W mp,basically any good SA,SA/DA in 9mm,38 super,357 sig,or 40.I have huge reservations about the XD myself,just shot one recently and had numerous FTF,jams,on Winchester white ammo,maybe better ammo would help but i am spoiled about my Glocks that just keep shooting.

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I'm not sure what kind of competition you're referring to, since you didn't specify. I'll assume you mean something along the lines of USPSA. The reason I say no is the power factor element. It's more difficult to attain a higher power factor and darn near impossible to make major with the 9mm luger/para cartridge. There's a reason you don't see too many open class pistols in 9mm, in fact I've never seen one. Try .380 super in a 1911 platform if you want an open class pistol. Otherwise stick to limited or production classes if you like 9mm.

^^^That being said, I compete with a Sig P226 in 9mm. I don't shoot open, nor do I make PF with factory ammo. I have to hand load to get accurate ammo that will make minor PF. It isn't ideal for competition and my performance reflects that, however, my one and only pistol must earn it's keep. It is mostly for an EDC among other uses. I didn't select it just for shooting sports, but the sports are great ways to get out and train. Ammo is also plentiful and cheap, capacity is high, but for an USPSA open class pistol?........NO

7 years 19 weeks ago, 12:13 AM

Ranger Sarge

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I tend to lean toward Ewoaf use of the Sig P226......I have two and not quite adjusted totally.....If you want striaght production or production classes,I would use my Berreta 92F,that's only because the number of rounds I through the pipe.But I have a feeling that the Sig's will win out with more trigger time.Always thought Sig was alittle over rated until a buddy let run a box of shells through I have TWO!!!!!! Not a big fan of the XD Springfield,although I and another ordered both Springfield........Love them Springfield 1911's

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9MM comp

I'd consider the following if I intended to compete in an open pistol class with a 9mm:

SVI custom widebody (been wanting one in 9x25D for years)
Sig X-5 (adjustable trigger, 1911 style safety, single-action, etc.)
Glock 17L

If you move 'up' to .40, 9x23, .38 Super etc.:
Beretta 96 Combat Comp (single-action, 1911-style safety, barrel bushing/comp, etc.)
Sig X-5

Some of these pistols are no longer in production but each was designed or adapted for use in open/unlimited/USPSA-style competitions.

FWIW both of the 9mm 1911s I had (Kimber, Springfield) were very finicky. The longer .38 Super, 9x23, etc., cartridges can actually work better and are more readily fed into some 1911 platforms than the 9mm Parabellum.

7 years 19 weeks ago, 8:07 AM


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Monday Morn and had my hands on a
Taurus Raging Bull 454 Casull.
Felt like running with it LMAO
Damn it felt good. $500.00 used
Have no use for it at all, nothing that
big around here but was a fine gun
just to hold. Just knowing all that power
made me feel big and bad LMAO

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on the sigs..... When my shooting partner decides he wants to run 9mm he rocks a X-5......the thing is fucking sick.. I'd trade mine for the x-5 straight up. If you're into the 1911 thing the x-5 is for you!

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