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With our untrustworthy, neighbor to the south, the financially welcomed Islamo-extremist elements sneaking thru our porous, tragically defended southern border are setting up and operating attack- oriented cells. Imagine if they decide to become bolder and braver, and have enough money to gain the cooperation of the drug cartels, to smuggle in rockets that have 60+ mile ranges. Would you believe enough of our friendly,corrupt Mexican officials could be paid enough to look the other way??

It is possible under those circumstances, for mobile missile launch sites to be emplaced in the Mexican desert, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem styled attacks then become possible for SanDiego, Tucson, El Paso, and even possibly, San Antonio. Yes, we would fly suppression sorties, but not before potentially catastrophic carnage would have taken place. But remember--such a success would make the launchers, heroes of the international be admired and emulated.

You say something like this is impossible?? You say our intelligence apparatus is so good as to have given us plenty of warning?? Did it save us from the WTC bombing in 1993? Did it save us from 9/11/01? Did it save us from 9/11/12?

I wonder if our defense-intelligence satellite operators are staying awake......................

While this is admittedly a somber message, I wish you and your families the best Thanksgiving you have ever had!!

Too old to fight, Too old to run, guess that's why I carry a gun! "would someone show this asshole the way out of town".[Rabbi Avram Belinski-aka "The Frisco Kid"]

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