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Daisy model 2202

I was looking through storage the other day and run across a Daisy Model 2202 (22LR). I purchased years ago the problem is it's missing the magazine. the gunn is out of production and parts are not being made for it any longer. I as wanting to know if anyone may have any advice on getting one. I am trying to fix it up right to give to my 10 year old to shoot next hunting season. I have searched every site I could think of and have had little to no luck.
(link to picture of gun)
link to a picture of the magazine I am looking for. its the second one

8 years 24 weeks ago, 10:47 PM


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I think with that particular rifle you will probably end up looking for a whole other gun maybe with a spare magazine... Then at least you could resell the other rifle... is yours the type with a rotary clip type magazine?
either way good luck and welcome to gunslot.

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daisy 2202

if you have not found what you are looking for would you be willing to sell?
if so please let me know.
[email protected]

7 years 38 weeks ago, 9:59 AM


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I had one of those

mine had the all black synthetic stock. My first gun. Man, what a piece of crap. Receiver wobbled in the stock and the rear sight fell off, ten round rotary mag didn't feed consistently, but I thought I was Carlos frickin' Hathcock with that thing.

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