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When: 13 June 2010 at Noon

Where: Mesa Arizona

What: Desert Mountain Warfare Course

This is a great course that should be fun for anyone to learn a few new skills and have a good afternnoon.

Info Pirated from the site:

Desert and Mountain Environments both have serious challenges when facing combat or survival in them. When they are combined together serious planning and training should be considered before attempting even at short intervals.

The absence of water and pressures of extreme heat provide physical challenges that can alter your physical and mental abilities. Water and food though not as obvious in the desert are usually still available if you know where to find it.

We utilize a Live Fire Mountain Warfare Course that builds participant's skills not only in survival and desert and mountain navigation, but also successfully navigating while utilizing weapons systems. Real life scenarios are put into play to test the participant's skills and build confidence in the individual's abilities to survive armed conflict.

Our "Al-Qaeda Cave" is also a valuable tool to train individuals on ways to navigate and clear these types of threats.

Firearm Training aka. Gun Training is simply not enough when you life is on the line.

Other important skills taught are:

Tactical Weapons Employment
Weapon Customization and Optimization
Hand to Hand Combat
Formations, Hand Signals and ECT...
Perception vs. Reality
Escape and Evasion
Counter Ambush Techniques
Guerrilla Warfare/Unconventional Warfare
Dark Adaptation
Situational Blindness
Weapon focus
Understanding Adrenaline and Adrenaline Panic
Room, Building, Cave, and Area Clearing
One Shot One Kill vs. The Double Tap
Suppressive Fire
And much more.

Best Regards TL “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ---Aristotle Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC - 322 BC)

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