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5 years 11 weeks ago, 9:44 AM

bad landing47

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This bill to be introduced mid January. Gist of it is the assault weapons bill on steroids. There will be a list of slightly over 600 weapons that you will be allowed to own, all with a capacity of 10 rounds max. There will be a list of 120 firearms that will be strictly banned, plus others that have one or more "military characteristics". This strengthens the 1994 assault weapon ban by dropping the number of characteristics from two to one to make it a n illegal weapon. Also banning weapons with thumbhole stocks. Bans all ammunition feeding devices, including the manufacture, sale or transfer thereof , those that hold more than 10 rounds. But here's the good news,Mz Feinstein in her mercy,will allow you to keep the following if they are allready in your possesion 1 any antique, bolt action or single shot or any permanently disabled weapon. 2. Any weapons owned or legally acquired prior to the bills enactment provided you follow these simple rules; Register all your guns under the national firearms act to include, backround check of owner and transferee if any, type and serial number of each weapon, positive ID of gun owner including photo and fingerprints, certification from local law inforcement of identity and affidavit that none of the guns owned violate any state or local statutes,and finally you must pay a tribute to ATF for each and every weapon, the amount not stated on Feinsteins web site but those in the know say it will be $200 per weapon. And after you have done all that be aware you will not be able to sell, transfer, or pass on any banned to your heirs, the weapons in question becomre property of the government upon your demise. See for yourself

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Have called my congressman office already. He already has a bad record on gun control to begin with. When I called to ask if my congressman was backing the bill I got the standard, ignorant response from his staff, stating he had not made a decision yet. blah, blah blah, I konw where he is going to fall as regards to the bill.

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5 years 11 weeks ago, 6:08 PM


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dianne feinstein

I was watching Fox sunday morning news. She was on there with Senator Graham. If anyone else was watching it, could you help me find the part Sen Feinstein was talking about that makes a "Bushmaster into an automatic weapon"...?
Apparently she knows of a part you just have to put on the Bushmaster rifle that makes it automatic. This part negates the need for buffers, sears, trigger groups, and the select fire lower I guess...I mean this is great. All this time I could have been purchasing a single part that solves so many problems. I wonder if you plug a keyboard into the side of it and type IDKFA? (unlimited ammo for doom cheat)
It is also interesting that she made a point of singling out the Bushmaster rifle because that is what was reportedly used at Sandy Hook by the terrorist.


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5 years 11 weeks ago, 11:38 AM


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Sandy Hook

Except now they've ahd to come out and admit that there was no AR-15 used at Sandy Hook, but I'm sure Di won't let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of fucking with us.

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