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Do we know too much?

I went in to a gun store yesterday afternoon on my way home from work to buy some Cor-bon ammo (they're still out), and there were a couple women in there looking for a first pistol. I did not say anything to them, just looked around. The guys behind the counter were assisting them and when one of the guys was asked to explain the difference betwen .40 S&W and .45 ACP, his first response was "10mm and 11.25mm". He went on to break it down beginner-style for the women, but was the first sentence really necessary? My concern is not with him at all, my concern is with us in general. It is always good to be a subject matter expert on something, but do we as gun people sometimes go to far? Does it really matter to beginners as to what the metric bullet diameter is? In the army, we're taught all sorts of specs on different weapon systems such as length, weight, maximum range, maximum effective range for point and area targets as well as grazing fire, tracer burnout, rates of fire for sustained, rapid, and cyclic fire, all sorts of stuff. Most of what we learn is useful in some way. You have to know how far your gun can effectively engage when planning defensive positions, how fast it fires for supply planning, weight and dimensions for load planning, and so on. But does all that matter when talking about civilian firearms, or do we sometimes spout stuff off to show how much we know? I'm not sure if there's even truly a forum topic to be found in here, and not sure how much discussion this will generate. maybe it's more of a rhetorical question. And by the way, if anyone in here is one of those guys behind the counter, good job on staying balanced on pros and cons of various calibers, as opposed to pushing your favorite off on the customers.

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Very good points. Sometimes we all come off as "Sexual Intellectuals", you know fuckin' know it alls.

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