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I ordered a Remington VTR in the .308 (very stoked!) I dont have a alot of extra cheese to spend on a scope(around $300) but this is one of the scopes that I am looking at.New Century MARK III 4-16x50 Illuminated Rifle Scope With Range Finding Reticle. I know that you get what you pay for and I was hoping for some advice. I am also considering the nikon buckmaster.

Help a brother out, any other suggestions?

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No experience

but, I just put up a site about Apple Harbor that carries them. They are probably Chinese but prices seem reasonable. Reaper308 or fordvg, greasypaws and clintlebo are all pretty knowledgable. Message them.

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NC star

i had a mark III with illuminated range finding reticle. it looked nice and i only payed a little over 100 for it. it was VERY poor quality. it was so blurry from 100 yards out that you couldn't hit anything. with no fine focus, everything was just not clear at all. they would not exchange it either. i thought maybe it was just that particular one, you can always get a bad part no matter what you buy. so my experience is that i will never buy another one. especially since they wouldn't stand behind it. that being said, i am not telling you that ALL NC star products are bad, i just got a bad one and that is the only experience i have had with them.

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scope brands

i stick with names that are common even the cheaper ones.i have never heard of new century so i am leary about their quality.if your on a budget Tasco or Bushnell always work ok,for a better brand Simmons,Leupold,etc.Even the better brands have a budget line.

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Scopin' it out

I agree with the boys, especially Greasy. If you still want to save a few more bucks, check out Natchez Shooters Supplies:

They have some great deals, not only on scopes, but everything else you need. Good luck, and happy shooting!

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