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Ha! Beltway totally called this one: A new survey by Public Policy Polling found Americans split over whether they like President Obama -- or would rather have former President Bush back.

No, really!

Forty-six percent of Americans now say they would rather have George W. Bush as president to 48 percent who say they prefer Obama. Although independents disapprove of Obama on balance, they do approve of Bush by a 49 percent to 37 percent margin...

"George W. Bush's approval ratings were horrid his final few years in office because even a decent number of Republicans and conservative-leaning independents were unhappy with him," said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling. "Now those folks wish they could have him back over Obama."

Ha Ha. What?! Americans have the shortest attention spans! We knew the re-evaluation of Bush by history would commence -- perhaps not so soon. Sure, he left office with a 22 percent approval rating -- but Bush was funny! He never would have made us, as a nation, sit through a seven-hour summit on health care. He hated getting haircuts. And he was always punctual.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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George W Bush was a true American
and not a Damn Muslim.

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Let's see

46% of all Americans prefer Bush, while 48% prefer Obama.
Independents approve of Bush by a 49 to 37 margin.
It sounds like there are a LOT more Democrats than Republicans surveyed by this poll.
Just how badly do Democrats outnumber Republicans among American voters?

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