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Earned Income Question

A good pal of mine asked me if all our social programs such as food stamps, adc, wic, & (I don't know what is out there) is hinged on earned income. I couldn't answer (fortunately!). Anyone know about this?

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Taxes every year has that on there, but i have never had a chance for it, I think you need a lot of kids, or to that effect, and you get money back for having them, even though most that have a hundred or so, do not care or give them care. I had a Mexican Guy that worked for me and claimed ten kids, every year. Every year got back thousands from earned income credit. Every year about feb. he always had a new car or truck, missed work, and thick Gold chains. The third year after trying again to beg his job back, No way and dropped a dime, to local. He called from Maine a year later and said they had another kid and born blind, and could he get a recommendation. I said No. A month later ran into his sister who married a white guy and had a nursery down here. I asked about blind baby, she said the baby was not blind, they just kept it on the floor of the truck or car and sand would blow in it's eyes, so it would keep them shut. She was in process of getting 6 taken away from them and her raising them. Plus turning her own brother in for neglect and abuse. Sick bastasterds in this world. JC

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I don't know how it is related to any other program. As far as I know, EIC is a progressive reduction in taxes based on amount below poverty level one's income is.

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