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Carolyn Cooke

In cities across the country, U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, a member of the Hispanic Caucus in the House of Representatives, is pimping for yet another full-blown amnesty for illegal aliens. ‘Family re-unification’ is the latest public relations ploy being used in an attempt to convince citizens and government officials that the plight of illegal aliens is somehow the responsibility of the United States. This amnesty would reunite deported illegal aliens with their so-called ‘anchor babies’ on American soil. There is no impediment to family reunification in the parents’ country of origin.

In the legislative queue in the U.S. Congress are the Dream Act Amnesty, the most egregious to American families, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform
, the mother of all amnesties. The Hispanic Caucus is behind all pathways to citizenship for illegal aliens. Amnesty is their only answer, denying the success of attrition through enforcement of immigration law.

Who are these federal elected officials that openly represent illegal aliens, undermine the rule of law of the United States and disregard the harm and expense to American citizens of the illegal alien invasion?

‘Amnesty pimp’ is the new brand for the members of the Hispanic Caucus. Their compassion and crocodile tears for the supposed ‘inhumane’ treatment of illegal aliens in America is a smokescreen: the amnesty pimps want to overwhelm the political system in this country with a huge new socialist power base. Does the pimp ever go on tour to encourage foreign nationals and their children, some under the age of 7, to stay home, safe from brutal coyotes, drug runners and death in the desert?

Do members of the Hispanic Caucus have dual citizenship with other countries? Their actions betray a lack of allegiance to the United States.

The Pimp does not care whether an immigrant will benefit the overall health and welfare of the United States. The masses of foreign nationals they seek to give the precious gift of U.S. citizenship will be Americans in name only, segregated, and dependent on the Hispanic socialist political machine.

Along with radical racist Hispanic groups within the United States, the pimps use fear mongering to force the Democrat Congress to support amnesty. They use propaganda against any one who decries the loss of our sovereignty, calling it ‘hate speech’ and labeling patriots, ‘xenophobes’. The amnesty pimp is more aligned with the talking points of The National Council of La Raza (The Race) than with the words of the United States Constitution.

The duly elected amnesty pimp calls the deportation of illegal aliens a ‘human rights’ violation and demands the ‘humane treatment’ of illegal aliens by the citizens and government of the United States.

Ironically, American citizens are the ones being treated inhumanely by the illegal alien invasion of this country. Illegal aliens violate the human rights of U.S. citizens by undermining the rule of law, suppressing income, taking American jobs, abusing taxpayer entitlements and benefits, and most importantly, committing crimes against Americans. They are responsible for gang violence, rape, maiming, robbery, murder, the molestation of young children, and the wanton killing by DUI. The heartland of America is under siege.

The separation of American families through death at the hands of criminal aliens is a human rights violation, but the amnesty pimp is only concerned with the family reunification of illegal aliens with their questionable U.S. citizen children!

The Amnesty Pimp is hiding a dirty little secret from American citizens – chain Migration. Chain migration allows an illegal alien, when he becomes a citizen, to sponsor extended family members that when naturalized, can then sponsor their own family members, and on and on and on… Essentially chain migration turns U.S. immigration policy and citizenship over to the decision of foreign nationals. This delights the Hispanic Caucus.

In turn, the birthright citizenship of ‘anchor’ babies has yet to be challenged constitutionally. As interpreted by open borders politicians and amnesty pimps, a foreign national simply has to enter the United States illegally, have a baby and the baby is automatically a citizen. When the child turns 18, chain migration begins. This includes the right of the illegal alien parent to become a U.S. citizen. This does not apply to the children of foreign diplomats. All Western countries with the exception of Mexico, have abandoned this obvious magnet for further illegal aliens.

Amnesty pimps and their supporters within the U.S. government know full well de facto amnesty is occurring every day through birthright citizenship, chain migration and open borders.

Millions of American citizens are poised to take America back from an irresponsible, non-representative government and foreign invaders—a line that has become increasingly blurred.

Now is the time to go on the offensive by forcing our federal government to re-institute immigration
quotas based on the needs of America and the betterment of life for American citizens and to do away with a chaotic policy that seeks to undermine our sovereignty and to destroy our civil society.

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Lyle Hutchins 1

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We need a president with BALLS. We need the Congress to get some balls, ones that really work. The Government needs to reintroduce, "OPERATION WETBACK". We Have Border Patrol Agents in place allready. Local Law enforcement would assist. We could have different drop off stations for all those from south of the border, And all Rag Heads. (No insult intended). Take them to Galvistin, Texas where they board a ship, to be transported far enough south that they couldn"t beat you back in to texas , or Az. Obama needs to "Nut up" and use some of the Stimuless moneys that are ear marked, and buy passages on these boats. This would save you and I (Meaning all Americans) Billions not to give Hand Out'S to 30 Million Plus Illegals.
I have gone on enough for now, but the real Americans have to take back the Country. And I PRAY not with violance.


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Lyle Hutchinson
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People will get tired of this and there will be those who will take the law into their own hands and kill illegals. It won't be a widespread thing, but the libs will make it out to be just that. Are illegals already a group that gets consideration under the hate crime category? if not now, they will be.

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fuck... your right

We need to drag em back over the border before we off em...

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those fuckin Canadians!!!

...check... G-AZ

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