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EZ Here


People call me E or EZ. I do not quite yet have a gun. I've only shot a couple in my 28 years. But I am looking to get a handgun this weekend. I want it for sport more than anything, of course. I don't live in a rough hood or expect anybody to break in my house or intend to ever use it to hurt anybody. I am a totally non violent person. I have the common sense and discipline to handle a handgun and have wanted one for a while.

So I hope to be able to get advice and maybe a couple shooting buddies and stuff out of joining. And maybe you guys can answer my first couple questions: So I want to get into gun ownership this weekend. There is an Eastman Gun Show coming to Atlanta this weekend. I figure that's a great place to find a good selection and good prices for my first weapon. So I was wondering if you guys could offer me a a couple pieces of info, actually lots of info. I want a semi auto pistol, 9mm or larger calibur, decent name brand, for around $300. Will I be able to find something in that neighborhood? Any kind of starter guns you guys recommend? What kind of selection and prices could I expect to find (rough estimate since they vary so greatly)? Prices better than pawn shops? Is a .45 simply way too big for a novice? What other name brands offer cheaper prices but comparable quality to glock, beretta and those (HK, CZ)? The Ruger P345 and P97 look good. Anybody in Atlanta got other pistols for sale? I'm not a felon. I guess I'll start browsing the site a bit more before I bother you guys with the other half of my questions.

So, uh, yeah. You guys have a good one and I'll see you 'round.



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