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Economic cycles are fairly predictable, or at least they have been thus far. Unprecedented prosperity is almost always followed by a recession, depression, or what ever you wanna call it, but left alone, things seem to correct themselves, naturally. What I find alarming is our attempt to "stimulate" things like the $789,000,000,000 spending bill being kicked around... I can only assume it will pass; spending bills ALWAYS pass, Congress only argues about WHAT the money will be spent on. The US Dollar has taken a beating in currency markets in the past couple of years, and increasing the national debt only makes it weaker. We've moved the bulk or our manufacturing base overseas. I watched local farmers harvest their cotton recently only to learn that most of it is also shipped overseas, made into textiles, and shipped back here...WTF? Can we not do anything for ourselves, anymore? On a brighter note, many US firearms manufacturers can't produce enough weapons to keep up with demand. I've seen several models that have a 2 - 4 week backorder. A buddy of mine at a local gun store is having a problem finding certain models and even quit selling one model because of delivery problems. The more I find out about "bi-partisan" politics, the more I like libertarians!

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how will printing more and more money help? it's like saying "i'm not broke cause i still have checks" ron paul said this republic is out of money and it's time to make some real hard choices. my kids kids will be paying through the nose for this mess.

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