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Hello to All My Gun Slinging Buddies out there. Well, this past Saturday, I took advantage of my Father's Day gift my son gave me, a gift certificate to a gun range. Now, I know I've been a member here, for at least, a year but never shot a thing. I was a little angry about the news that a simple assault charge I had back in the early 80's might prohibit me from getting a license so I kind of laid off.

That didn't stop me Saturday. I shot a 45 and a 9mm. My first reaction, when I picked the gun up, was one of fear and intimidation. When I shot the first round off, the 45, I was shaking. Soon, I felt 'totally' relaxed did ok. At 5 yards, which isn't really anything to talk about, I did excellent. I hit everything I intended to hit. At 10 yards, lets just say, I wasn't doing good at all. I have no idea what happened or what I did wrong. At 15 yards, I was pathetic.

What I'm about to say might sound silly but I feel I must. I've gained a new respect for law enforcement and greater disdain for the thugs taking innocent lives. The power I felt scared me and thinking what police across America have to go through is scary. To any of you who are in law enforcement and the military now or in the past, Thank You All. Thank you for making my life better. To the rest of you on this site, I fully support our right to carry arms but feel an individual needs proper training on all aspects of gun ownership.

Now, pray I can get my license to purchase. I live in NJ. They say anything is possible with belief so I better do some serious believing. Once that's accomplished, I'm off to Frontsight for 5 days. I loved the way that 45 felt in my hands but the Range Master said, "It's so powerful, it could exit a criminals body and go right through walls." I live in a populated area so I better look at something with less power.

Cheers to the Police! Cheers to the Military! & Cheers to all of you Gun Owners on this Site! I will keep you posted on my license and my progress as I develop my skills with a handgun.

I Salute You All....


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